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Tracks: 10

  1.  Aslam SalikNan Warta Wayama

  2.  Aslam SalikBe Zra Be Zra

  3.  Aslam SalikJang Ma Kawai

  4.  Aslam SalikYaw Khwaral Kawe

  5.  Aslam SalikSar Aw Maal

  6.  Aslam SalikSta Nazar Rapore

  7.  Aslam SalikGul Wo Ka Wagma

  8.  Aslam SalikMa Da Armanono

  9.  Aslam Salik Zra Me Masti

  10.  Aslam SalikPa Khayest Zama Da Yaar

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